Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow 3DS Gets New Trailer!

Get your nostalgia pants on, boys and girls, because classic Pokemon is coming back with a vengeance!

Revealed a while ago as part of Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary celebrations was the re-release of the first three Pokemon games, Red, Blue & Yellow – coming to Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console on February 27th.

A new trailer (above) emerged today showing off some hype-worthy excerpts from the games, bringing back with them a whole slew of fond memories for many. Even more noteworthy about the trailer was the very short tease at the end of the trailer, apparently showing the player coming into contact with Pokemon #151: Mew.

Mew? But Mew wasn’t in the originals as standard, was it? Well, it’s certainly looking likely for these re-releases – a tease isn’t a tease without an end product. After all, despite the fact that Game Freak are keeping almost everything true to the originals (literally almost everything, even the functionality for the Game Boy Printer still reportedly exists within the game, even though it’s not compatible with the 3DS), this wouldn’t be the only change. Pokemon R/B/Y’s 3DS debut will also include functionality to trade & battle wirelessly with other players – no more link cables! (Note that this is only between these three games, there is no compatibility with the newer titles)

Which game will you be getting? What’s the REAL starter to choose? Do you still have a link cable? (I do!)

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