RUL – Community Update – Something New is Afoot

Hello Ready Up Live community!

It is with great pleasure that I’m announcing that we’ve made some fantastic additions to our writing team! You can expect a new world of cool, unique content from us, so stay tuned for the future.
Below I’ll be introducing them using the short biographies they’ve written, you may recognize some of our new team members as long term forum members. Now that they’re staff don’t be afraid of them, they’ll be equally as approachable as staff as they were otherwise!

Mark Barry – Spook

Greetings fellow Gamers, I’m Spook or less commonly known as Mark. I’m a gamer from Table-top to console to PC, I play pretty much everything. I’ve come to appreciate this community and the good it does for gamers, so I felt I should try to help out even more. So I’ve signed on, I’ll be adding another personality to the staff contributing content and doing pretty much whatever the boss folks ask.

Mat Olson – Guitarguy

Hello, sir/madam! Plastic guitar virtuoso, enjoyer of Japanese animated television, and drinker of fine teas, at your service; But you can call me Mar. Or Sparkles. Why not give me a new name? I’m one of those guys you see doing things around the site. Specifically, writing articles about games and posting the odd funny picture, among other things. I’m always down to play with the community, so why aren’t you on my friends list yet? Let’s fix that. Let’s be friends.

Carr Nyuli – Foundation Afro

Hey everyone! I’m Carr Nyuli, but just call me Afro. I’m the fluffy-headed content producer who probably makes way too may puns. I discovered Ready Up Live in the spring of 2012, when the Halo 4 hype train was going full speed down the tracks. I love being a part of RUL, I could never have enough words to describe how much I’ve enjoyed these past years. It really is the friendliest gaming community on the web.

Nick Webster – Ukumio

Hey, I’m Nick, but I go by Ukumio online (pronouced You-koo-me-Oh). I’m an Aussie and unlike the rest of the country I spend most of my time inside playing Halo or The Division. When I’m not gaming I’m normally laughing at cat gifs or complaining about reposts on Reddit.

In addition to the our new additions to the team, I’d like to officially congratulate Tyler (Zerty) on his promotion to editor. As an editor for our site he’ll be both producing excellent written content and focusing on ensuring that everyone meets our writing quality standards. Tyler has been a long time content producer with us and this promotion is long deserved.

So please everyone, join me in both congratulating Tyler, and welcoming the new folks to our team, be it in the comments here, on our forum or on our subreddit!

I hope you’re equally as excited for these changes as I am.