RUL Night- Halo 5 (Feb. 12th)

Hey there, RULers! It’s finally time to have our first game night of 2016! And what better game to have it on than Halo 5?  Our last game night was a huge success and everyone had a ton of fun!  Depending on the lobby size we’ll mostly be playing in Customs, but it’s possible we may even play some Warzone so we can gather up all those REQ points. Either way, it’s going to be a great night filled with laughs, chaos, and of course team-killing…. er, I mean friendly competition! Right? Well, I hope you’ve got your Spartan all spiffy and your guns all pizza-fied so that you’re ready to go for this upcoming night! We look forward to seeing you all there!

If you want to join in on the awesome, simply send a message to one of the gamertags below once the night begins and we’ll get you in as soon as a spot opens up! PLEASE! DO NOT SEND MESSAGES BEFORE THE GAME NIGHT STARTS! Also, you only need to send ONE message so that we can rotate lobbies and get through each message as they roll in. Details:

When: Friday, February 12th @ 7PM Central Time

Gamertags for Invites: 

Start a R1OT  (Community Manager)

The Soterios (Community Coordinator)