The Division Open Beta Announced + New Trailer

Good news! Whether you missed The Division’s closed beta, or simply couldn’t get enough of it, you have another chance to play Ubisoft’s upcoming RPG very soon.

From February 16th, players will be able to pre-install the data for The Division’s newly announced open beta, which will run from February 19th-21st on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. If you’re on Xbox, you’re in luck – an exclusive 24-hour early access period will be available on Xbox One from February 18th!

This open beta contains all the content from the closed beta, plus an additional story mission not previously available. Everyone who takes part in the open beta will receive a special in-game reward when the full game releases. It’s unclear whether the player data from the closed beta will carry over to this beta, but be prepared for the likely eventuality that it could be a fresh start for all Division agents.

In addition to all this goodness, we’ve been treated to another trailer introducing us to the factions we’ll become well acquainted with (and certainly killed by) on March 8th when the game launches, take a look!

Did you play the closed beta? What did you think?

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