Warzone Match Won 1000-0

A recent post on the Halo subreddit showed something almost unimaginable for a game of Warzone: a complete shutout. In the match, Blue Team was able to take over all three bases and destroy the enemy power core before Red Team was even able to get on the board. In a reply to the thread, 343 community co-ordinator Unyshek implies this to be a first for Halo 5’s large-scale multiplayer mode, later outright stating so on Twitter.

This may seem like a huge feat, and it is, but there were a lot of things working in Blue’s favour. First off, almost all of Red Team was AFK, which is extremely detrimental in a game like Warzone that relies heavily on teamwork. This also lead to Blue Team easily being able to take control of the map and expose Red Team’s power core, creating a three minute game that gave the active players on Red Team very little time to respond. In a video posted by Krazyflipz, who started the original Reddit thread, we see him being hijacked off of his Ghost the instant before the enemy core is destroyed. Had the game gone on just a little bit longer, it is quite possible that he or a teammate would have been killed, putting Red on the board.

Still, this is a pretty interesting occurrence, even if luck played more of a role than skill. Even with AFK enemies, it is unlikely that a team will ever be able to sweep a match without their opponents getting even a single point. It’s likely to happen again sometime down the road, but will be so infrequent that it will be something fun for the community to laugh at when it does.

What do you think? Would you be excited to win a Warzone game 1000-0?

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