Destiny April Update Preview for March 23

After it was announced last week, we got a bit more information today about the update for Destiny launching on April 12. Simply called the “April Update”, the update is not a full DLC, but does contain the most content we’ve seen in year 2 so far. Until then, Bungie will be doing Twitch livestreams on Wednesdays at 11am Pacific to give us a bit of a taste of what’s to come. The April Update will be free for all of those who own The Taken King.

The first such update, released earlier today and viewable in its entirety, talked mainly about the Prison of Elders and Guardians’ return to the Reef. After the decimation of the Queen’s fleet at the hands of Oryx and his Dreadnought, those loyal to her have begun to take their revenge. Talking to Petra will provide Guardians on PlayStation with a new quest line to avenge the fallen Awoken. Variks too is bringing vengeance to the Taken, capturing and imprisoning them in the Prison of Elders to be fought and defeated.

Destiny At the Gates

The Prison of Elders will now feature matchmaking up to level 41/260 light, as well as engrams and bounties. Bounties for the Prison of Elders are accessed via the Elders’ Sigil, a scorecard purchased from Variks for 100 glimmer that each week can keep track of high scores and bounties in the Prison. Yes, you read that right: high scores. The new level 42 end-game version of the Prison of Elders now features checkpoints a scoring system, with a weekly high score of 30,000, and a weekly cumulative score of 90,000. Reaching the weekly high score will net players a new weapon, while hitting the cumulative score will give them a piece of armour. Weapons and armour are new as well, with new bonuses, but those will be discussed in next week’s stream.

Guardians shouldn’t worry about level 42 being too high though, the April Update also brings with it a new light level cap, 335. Guardians will need all the strength they can muster as they take on the Taken and their new boss, Molock, for Variks. They can also expect new bounties, quests, missions, and a strike, plus an update to the Winter’s Run strike featuring the Fallen. With the sixteen different weekly challenges being added to the Prison of Elders, the April Update promises to keep Destiny fresh for months to come.

Are you looking forward to returning to the Reef? Do you think any of our MIA Awoken friends will turn up?

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