Diablo III Gets Dolled Up in the Next Patch!

Do you have an unhealthy addiction to Diablo III? Are you absolutely mad about transmogrification like I am? Good! In the next patch, 2.4.1, Blizzard plans to expand the fabulous world of dungeon crawling with loads of beautiful cosmetic item drops, including new helms, weapons, PETS (what?!), and wings! As a very enthusiastic user of transmogrification, I was a little underwhelmed by the amount of armour customization available, so this kind of update is sure to bring a lot more razzle dazzle to the show!

It’s just not Diablo without the Cow King. Could this be a reference to Diablo II’s Moo Moo Farm level?  Check out more of the drops some people have found here!



Do you think this patch can bring even more variety to the incredibly variable Diablo III?

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