DOOM – Multiplayer Modes Revealed

The 6 carnage-filled multiplayer modes that will ship with DOOM have been revealed and they look to be one Hell of a good time.


This mode is similar to “Kill Confirmed” from Call of Duty. The objective is to kill enemy players, but you must also collect their “souls” that are released when they die. Harvesting an enemy soul grants you a point and is the only real way to score, but you can also recover the souls of your teammates and deny the enemy team those precious points.

There is more to this mode, however. The first player that is killed, spawns a Demon Rune on their death location that can picked up by either team. This rune has no time limit and every player killed by the demon, drops 2 souls instead of the usual 1. When the demon is killed, he drops 5 souls. This bloody and soul-stealing process continues until one team reaches the score limit or the time runs out. Who ever has harvested the most souls, wins!

Soul Harvest



Did you ever play freeze tag as a kid with your friends? Remember how much fun that was? No try to imagine doing it with guns…surrounded by what is essentially Hell on Mars.

Sounds like a blast, right!?

Well that’s exactly what this is!

Freeze Tag

Rather than dying when you shoot them, enemy players are frozen solid. The only way they can move, is if they are shot at or pushed around by other players. If you are frozen, your allies can thaw you out if they stay close to you long enough, but we all know how risky it is to stand still in a first-person-shooter. That’s why shooting your poor frozen body comes in handy! You can shoot your buddies and push them into hazards that will kill them, but also allow them to respawn completely ice free! The first team to completely freeze the other team, wins the round. For rounds that seem to be a stand-off, the game will spawn a Demon Rune in the last few moments to try and help things along. If the round ends wither neither team being fully frozen, the team with the least amount of frozen players, wins.


Take “King of the Hill” from Halo and make the hill move along a pre-determined path, and you get “Warpath.”

It sounds simple, but it’s far from it. A Demon Rune also spawns and moves right in step with the hill, but on the opposite side. This makes for some crazy and interesting gameplay because it forces players to constantly choose between the hill or the rune. Both are vital to success, but you can’t be in two places at once. It’s up to you to decide which is more important and when.


This frantic decision making, coupled with the fact that the hill moves through deadly hazards, keeps players on their toes. It’s a constant adrenaline-filled battle for control and dominance. Like most game modes, the first team to reach the score limit wins or whoever has the most points when the timer hits zero.


Domination in DOOM is much like that of every other FPS. There are three control points on the map that can be controlled by either team. The more you control, the more points you gain toward your score. However, it wouldn’t be DOOM if they didn’t throw something else into the mix and once again, it’s the Demon Rune. It will spawn randomly throughout the match at a number of different locations. Grabbing the rune and becoming the demon can turn the tide of the match very quickly and allow the losing team to make a comeback. This makes for some frantic gameplay because as both teams rush the rune, capture points become less defended as well. Spread yourselves too thin and even the demon may not be able to save the match.



This is simple straight-up carnage in DOOM‘s purest form. Your only objective is to, quite literally, kill the living Hell out of the enemy team in any way possible. Choose your loadouts, pick up power weapons, steal the Demon Rune, snag the power ups, and slaughter the enemy in any way you can to slay your way to victory!


Finally, we have “Clan Arena”, which is an elimination mode. No weapons, runes, or power ups spawn on the map, you can’t regenerate health and armor, and you have one life. The first team to totally eliminate the other or whoever has the most remaining players at the end of the match, wins.

Having personally played in the alpha, these modes have me even more excited than before. The multiplayer for this game is shaping up to be something a bit fresh and exciting. Depending on how the single player story pans out, it may just be one of the best games of 2016. Only time will tell!

DOOM is set to release on May 13th, 2016 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.