More to Come From Destiny on April 12

We haven’t seen a big update to Destiny since the release of the Taken King back in September, and some players have been wishing for some substantial new content when all we’ve seen are small events for the last six months. All that waiting can come to an end, because next month we’ll be seeing a plethora of new content.

Releasing on the 12th of April and simply called the “April Update”, the next piece of content for Bungie’s FPS RPG will be more substantial than previous year two events like Sparrow Racing League or Festival of the Lost. Though not a full, paid DLC like year 1’s extra content (everyone who owns Taken King will get the update for free), the April Update contains much of the same content, including a new strike, new gear, and an increase in max light level. Not much more is known at this point, although Bungie will be releasing more information through Twitch streams in the weeks leading up to the update.

  • April Update Preview: New Things to Do
    Wednesday, March 23rd – 11AM Pacific
  • April Update Preview: New Things to Earn
    Wednesday, March 30th – 11AM Pacific
  • April Update Preview: Sandbox and Crucible Updates
    Wednesday, April 6th – 11AM Pacific

For more information on the April Update, check out the March 17 weekly update over at

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