RUL Community Update – And We’re Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program!

Oh hey RUL! My most sincere apologies to you! I’m well aware that you ended up missing out on a community update last week, and to say it was anything less than my fault would be a lie, but I promise it was for a very good reason! Last Friday night when I would have normally been working away on this update I was hosting Ready Up Live’s stream for the Halo Operation Supply drop charity! I wasn’t originally meant to be our streamer but had to step up as the circumstances dictated. It was hours of awesome fun for a very good charitable cause, beyond that I was busy enough in the days thereafter to have no time to write.  So here we are! With a delayed update, but one which encompasses two weeks worth of stuff! Lets dive in shall we?

First off let’s start with some super fantastic news! It’s been a little bit since our last game night, and for that I’m sorry! But I’m happy to let you know that we’ll be having a Rocket League night on the 19th of March! Are you ready for some crazy car based soccer? I sure as heck am! You can expect to see myself and a few other staff members hosting some fantastic lobbies! (Even if some of us really suck *cough* me *cough*) I’ll be releasing official details come Monday so stay tuned!

As you might know from the last Community Update I posted, we’ll be featuring an editorial written by one of our RUL staff members! For the coming weeks we’ll be focusing on introductions for our newest staff members! This week we have Mat Olson, also known as Guitar Guy. Again, as you may know from earlier updates he’s one of the four new content producers we added to the site to make awesome content for you! Without any further ado, lets dive into Mat’s introduction!


Dearest friends/community of RUL;


Now that we’ve gotten all of the scary formalities out of the way, I’d like to finally introduce myself and tell you guys a little bit more about me than that tiny box of text I gave you before!

First off, I am Canadian. Sorry. I’ve lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba my entire life, and I’ve always had an affinity for music, being part of a couple bands and still being in a couple today.  I’ve played the electric/acoustic guitars for around 5 years, and aspire to learn a few more instruments as well. If you also enjoy music like people often do, let me know and we can talk about the bass clef or whatever kids these days talk about.

Going hand in hand, gaming has also been a very strong passion of mine since I was a wee boy, playing Super Mario Bros. 3 in the basement.  Later, I would pick up that tiny plastic guitar everybody knows and never stop.

…Oh, you thought I was talking about Guitar Hero?


Apart from the musical genre of games, I’ll always be down to play some Super Smash Bros., Halo, Far Cry, Diablo, or what have you. If it’s in my library, I’ll let you know. Just ask!

Wait a minute, how did I find RUL? That’s a good question, my friends, because RUL found me; touched me. It touched me in my heart, to clarify.  In the summer of 2012, I made one of the finest decisions of my young life and joined the friendliest community ever. Since then, I’ve been around the forums and game nights, enjoying every second I’ve had with the amazing people who make this site what it is (psst, that’s you. And the staff too, I suppose. They smell funny.).  As a new member of the staff, while gaining an even newer, funnier smell, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to bring you guys the joy that the site has given me all these years with my own two hands.  I’ll do my best not to let you down.

With much love,
Grandpa Lumps, AKA Mat (#BlameRebel)

P.S. If you have any questions about me or just want to talk, I’m always reachable in some way, shape, or form!

I feel like #BlameRebel is a thing that’s coming back… this frightens me…. I thought we no longer believed that I was responsible for all the ills of the site! Curses… back to square one I suppose! Anyways! Thanks for the wonderful introduction Mat! I hope this gets the community to know you just a little bit better! It certainly helped me learn a little bit that I didn’t already know! Next week we’ll have Nick also known as Ukumio up to bat for introductions! So stay tuned to learn more about him!

As with all of our community updates going forward here’s the In Case You Missed It, by our very own Zerty! Here’s an awesome roundup of all of the major news posted around RUL in the past week…or two weeks in this case!



Evening all! (Well, it’s currently the evening in the real time zone) It’s that time of week where we take a look at all the major news, reviews and highlights from our front page! Links to full articles can be found in their respective “RUL Green” titles – enjoy! (Or not, reading news is effectively studying, after all)

Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon Coming Holiday 2016!

A couple of weeks ago there was a lot of chatter about some kind of 3DS game that’s apparently sort of popular.

Who am I kidding? Pokémon Sun & Moon, the next two titles in the much-loved Pokémon series are coming out for 3DS consoles this holiday season! Details are thin right now but it’s safe to assume we’ll hear much more very soon!

Pokémon: 20 Years On – What’s Your Dream Team?


Rolling off the exciting announcement of the previous day, this time a fortnight ago was the subject of much community celebration – 20 years of Pokémon to the day!

Please do join me on a short wander back through time as we take a look at the games that started it all – which just so happen to have been re-released on 3DS Virtual Console just as they were back in the day!

Batmobile Coming To Rocket League

Da-na-na-na-na-na-na-na da-na-na-na-na-na-na-na BAT-MAN!

With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice arriving this month, there’s a little celebration of sorts taking place in Rocket League – hop into the Batmobile and hop, boost and crash your way to victory in the new car pack!

A Plethora of Preview Updates!

Everyone likes updates, right? Preview program members should now be seeing some exciting new features around their Xbox One experience including Achievements in their Guide, reputation rating interface changes, outputting party chat to both headset & speakers and much more!

Mass Effect: Andromeda Pushed Back to Q1 2017


Sorry, chaps. If you were eagerly waiting for Mass Effect: Andromeda, you’re going to have to wait a little longer than intended. The much-anticipated next chapter in the Mass Effect series is no longer launching in its originally indicated release window of Holiday 2016. In a conference this week it was stated by EA’s CFO that Mass Effect: Andromeda will now be launching in Q4 of EA’s 2016 fiscal year, effectively Q1 2017 calendar year.

Styx: Master of Shadows: Hidden Quality [Review]

styx title screen

Have you had a go at Styx: Master of Shadows, free via Games With Gold this month? Our Content Producer Carr Nyuli did, with mixed opinions, to say the least. Go give his review a read, and maybe even let us know what you think of the game if you’ve had a go?

No Man’s Sky Coming June 21

No Man’s Sky, now that’s a game a lot of people are talking about. Well, good news, you don’t have to wait all that long to get your hands on it! This intriguing and innovative new game will be launching for PS4 & PC June 21st – check out the trailer above!

Fable Legends Cancelled, Lionhead Faces Uncertain Future

Fable legends stairs

Finally, some recent sad news emerging from Microsoft Studios, with Press Play Studios and its upcoming game Project Knoxville both being axed, plus the uncertain future of Lionhead Studios and the sadly very certain end of now-cancelled game Fable Legends.

Submit Your Clips to RUL Skilltacular


343 Industries want YOUR clips for their next Skilltacular video! Check out the full post for more details, then get those clips in!

RUL Podcast – Episode 41


The RUL Podcast is back! Check it out and hear Nevin & Rebel discuss their favourite My Little Ponies games and other recent events.

12 Hours of The Division Gameplay

The Division is here! Check out 12 hours of gameplay from The Mainstreamers to get a taste of what to expect from this all-new blockbuster!

Gears of War 4’s New Cast Revealed


Thanks to a new article by GameInformer, we’re invited to meet the new cast of Gears of War 4, JD, Kait & Del! Check out the full story for all the details!

Anarchy’s Children Comes to XCOM 2 on March 17

XCOM tooth mask

XCOM 2 is getting a cosmetic DLC pack this week! Get all the details here and be ready to slay in style once it launches…

New Details on GoW 4 Revealed!


MORE news has emerged on GoW following a quickfire interview from GameInformer! Get some all-new details on the exciting continuation of Gears of War right here!

Diablo III Gets Dolled Up in the Next Patch!


Mad about cosmetic items? Need help with that addiction? Diablo III can’t help, in fact, it’s about to become an even less practical form of therapy. Patch 2.4.1 brings a whole bunch of new drops for players who have addictions just like you!

Daybreak Studios Cancels EverQuest Next

everquest next couple

More cancellations unfortunately come in the form of Everquest Next, as confirmed by Daybreak just recently – fear not, they’ve also said that Everquest as a series isn’t going anywhere. Check out the full story for the full statement.

Halo 5 “Ghosts of Meridian” Update Brings New Warzone Map & REQs

Ready for a shiny new Mantis? Need a new playground to test it out in? If your answer to one or both was “yes”, then you should be looking forward to the Ghosts of Meridian update coming to Halo 5: Guardians!

There you have it – all caught up. Be sure to let us know what’ve been your recent highlights in the comments!

That’s all for now, so get back on Halo, The Division, Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise or whatever else may take your fancy, and make sure to check back with us next week! (Hopefully… #BlameRebel)


With that read you’re now caught up on a bunch of news! I promise you’ll only have a week to catch up on next time.

I hope you enjoyed reading the second community update of our new series! We’ll be hitting you with another one next Friday! Until then cheers RUL! We’ll see you next week!