Xbox One Buyback Program?

Are you sitting on a massive library of digital downloads for your Xbox One; scrolling through dozens of games with achievements achieved, story completed, and sadly little replay value? Would you have just dropped them back off at your local game store for credit? Well, Microsoft may have the answer. In what is currently an unconfirmed survey Microsoft appears to be fielding the viability of returning a digitally downloaded game for 10% of its purchase value in store credit. This would involve choosing to sell back a title you’ve purchased for 10% of the purchase price, paid out in Microsoft store credit that can be used on anything in their marketplace.

This may seems like a small amount, a $60 game potentially only scoring you $6, though this price would likely remain static be it a week, a year, or a decade later that you decide you’re done. So unlike many game stores where the value of a game being returned can fluctuate anywhere between $45 and $0.05 you’re at least guaranteed that 10%. At the very least this offers an option for those of us that have gone digital to recycle games we no longer think we’ll play. This looks to possibly be a bold step forward for the Microsoft digital market, it could potentially open doors for the community to push for a peer-to-peer trading option. If the license to your digital game can be stripped for the buy back, it should too be an option if you were to trade it to a friend when you were done with the game.

While this is all unconfirmed and sources are still quiet, it has been an idea bouncing around their support site for some time so it would not be too surprising to see Microsoft fielding a survey like this, nor would it be too surprising if they did decide to offer some incentive to move more players toward there digital marketplace. Be it trade in value, or peer to peer trading/selling, I wouldn’t mind a feature like this myself.


Would you trade in parts of your digital library? Is 10% worth it?
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