Dark Souls III Collector’s Edition Content Review

As the hype train finally settles into the station for Dark Souls 3, and I sit here with the game already on, statue sitting proudly, I must ask myself; Was it worth the hefty $170 price tag?

Well, let’s take a look, shall we?

First off, the main centerpiece of the bundle. It’s a rather┬ánice intricate statue of a Red Knight, which I’d guess is an enemy in the game seeing as I’m not currently playing it (Wow, I’ve only played 10 minutes and I could barely rip myself away to write this).┬áIt’s got two swords that you get to put into the thing’s hand yourself, and feels very sturdy, despite my extreme care in moving it to my shelf. Standing at 10 inches tall, it’s no small fry.




Next up, the art book. Now, I’ve seen art books before, but this one feels special. Not only does it include the artwork for Dark Souls 3, but it also features art from the other two games as well. With 200 pages of beautiful art from the series in chronological order, I’ll enjoy looking through this for a very long time.


The letters are also shiny and gold. Instant buy.


While we’re still talking about art, also included is a cloth map that I have yet to find a spot for on my wall (This is an ongoing problem). It doesn’t feel cheap, as it’s made out of cloth, so I won’t have to worry about it ripping too much like the paper posters often included with games. After playing the game I feel like the map will actually be somewhat useful, but to a regular onlooker, it’s still very nice to look at.




Remember when Halo 5 came out, everybody got the soundtrack, and it was awesome? …Okay. I admit that I didn’t get the Halo 5 soundtrack. I’m sorry. I got the Dark Souls 3 soundtrack though, which is also thrown into the package. Featuring 25 hit singles such as, “Dark Souls III” and “Prologue,” your car rides will feel more epic and boss fight-ey than ever before! The Dark Souls trilogy has always had beautiful musical pieces right from the start, so I would even consider picking this up separately if it weren’t included.


On top of everything, in true collector fashion, we’re treated to a steelcase that actually looks like it’s made of metal, so that’s pretty cool. On the front, it shows a bonfire with a skull beside it, pictured through what seems to be a window from a church or chapel, which makes sense considering Dark Souls has always been drawn to the gothic style. On the back, we see a faint picture of what I see as a Red Knight, but I very well could be wrong. One funny thing about the cases that I noticed, is that the steelcase is packaged separately from the game and soundtrack discs, which come in the standard game case. Since there’s nowhere else to put the soundtrack, I can now baffle my friends by keeping an Xbox One game case in my car with a CD in it. Don’t worry though, I keep the game where it should be; In my Xbox.




Also, there’s a download code for the first Dark Souls, as the day one edition is packaged in. Because why not? If you didn’t get it from Games With Gold (for shame), then at least you’ll own it now!


So, as far as I’m concerned, I have to give the Dark Souls III Collector’s Edition a strong must-buy-for-the-avid-Dark-Souls-fanboys-and-sunbros. If you like Dark Souls as much as I do, and you’ve got a little extra cash to spare, I can’t recommend this enough. If you’re just getting into the series, the amount of stuff you’re getting for the value is pretty good, and you get a free game with it. If you don’t like Dark Souls at all, why did you read my review you silly goose?


Now excuse me while I get back to the pain and suffering that we know as Dark Souls 3, while wishing I could get my hands on that amazing prestige statue.





Have you picked up Dark Souls III yet? How many times have you died/cried?

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