Fallout 4 Creation Kit – Console Mods! (UPDATED)

“Modding has been a part of who we are at Bethesda going all the way back to Morrowind. If our games are about be who you want and do what you want, modding takes that to the ultimate level.” – Todd Howard, Bethesda Game Director

Fallout 4‘s official modding support, the Creation Kit, will soon be on its way not only to PCs, but to consoles as well. Modding is currently available in open beta for PC players, who can download the Creation Kit via Bethesda’s website. The Creation Kit, which was used to build the base game, can be used in almost any way that modders can imagine, adding weapons, sounds, art, and even new dialogue.


Mods are also no longer exclusive to PC players. While mods must be made on PC, they can then be uploaded to Bethesda.net to be shared with players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This means that consoles, which have always just played the vanilla versions of games, can now enjoy the fun of Fallout 4‘s version of horse armour along with their PC counterpart. There will certainly be some limits, mods exist for all games that make use of high-end hardware that consoles can’t match, but anything greater than zero is a big step up for consoles.

The beta version of the Creation Kit is available now to be downloaded on PC. Mods are not yet available for consoles, but will launch in May for Xbox One owners and June for PS4 owners. This means Xboxers can expect to be playing modded Fallout 4 on consoles in as little as five weeks, and Playstationers only two months, at the most. Those interested in modding can check out the Creation Kit wiki, and give direct feedback to Bethesda on their forums.

Are you a modder, or just a console gamer excited to finally get a piece of the action? What kinds of mods do you want to play?

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