Halo 5 Company Battles – April 16/2016

Ready for the latest info on the RUL Halo 5 Companies? And on time too! You all know how this works, on the 1st and 16th of every month, I put out the K/D ratio and win percentage for Ready Up Live’s four Spartan Companies. It’s just a little way to get some friendly competition going. As always, we’ll start out with the stats. RUL Actual’s still ahead in four categories, but what’s this? A tie for second! Cobra is doing better at Warzone, while Mako is doing better at Arena. Is this the beginning of an upstart? And finally, in last we have Xeno. They believe in themselves, and that’s what matters!

Company battes 16 4 16 data

Next up, we have Arena K/D. RUL Actual is in the lead, followed by Mako, Cobra, and finally Xeno. But Mako’s starting to drop while Cobra stands firm. I sure look forward to a good rivalry between these two!

Company battles 16 4 16 KD

Onto win percentage for Arena. RUL Actual and Cobra are holding their ground, while Mako and Xeno have both dropped. Okay, maybe I’m crazy, but something is definitely going on between our two middle Companies.

Company battles 16 4 16 win

Now it’s time for Warzone K/D. Here we–by the rings! What the heck is going on? Everyone’s K/D seems to have jumped up by a significant amount. One sec, let me check a stats textbook. Ah, here we go. Apparently there might be a new variable that’s causing large changes in the data. New variable? I have no idea what that might be, but it kind of looks like people might be facing off against large amounts of AI, rather than human players. Whatever it is, it’s allowed Cobra to surpass Mako in the last two weeks. Now if you’ll excuse me, all this pondering is making my head hurt, and I’ve gotten a craving for some Halo 3: ODST. I really wish they had added Firefight to Master Chief Collection….

Company battles 16 4 16 WZ KD

Finally, on to Warzone win percentage. RUL Actual and Xeno both dropped this week, with Cobra and Mako staying flat. Looks like this is the only metric where these two¬† aren’t beginning to challenge each other. Lame! Come on you guys, show us a fight.

Company battles 16 4 16 WZ win

Well, there’s all the fun stuff for the latest RUL Company Battles. What will we see May 1st? Will I remember to be on time? Will Cobra and Mako continue their battle? We’ll just have to wait and see!

Are you happy with your Company’s stats the past two weeks? Have you been enjoying the Warzone Firefight beta?

Tell us in the comments below, or on our subreddit!