Halo 5: Ghosts of Meridian Now Live, Warzone Firefight Beta Revealed!

Halo 5’s next big content update is here! Ghosts of Meridian went live just today with two new maps, a whole host of new REQs, gameplay optimizations and more! Check out the full update notes here, or for a brief summary the below picture list should do nicely.


Mmm-mmm, those Blue Steel skins do look good…

That’s not all, though. Yet more excitement arrives in the form of an unexpected reveal!

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That’s right – Warzone Firefight is having a beta test next week!

“The five-day beta experience will see Spartan fireteams of up to 8 players battle against an onslaught of enemy AI on the Escape from A.R.C. Warzone map. You and your friends will tackle a new objective for each of the five rounds, with each task growing progressively more demanding along the way. And since the mode is a fully realized member of the Warzone family, players will have full access to their arsenal in the Halo 5: Guardians REQ system, letting you leverage your REQs in new ways against computer-controlled enemies.”

“In addition, we will offer a brand new promotional pack – the Mythic Warzone REQ Pack – which will make it even easier for eager Spartans to unlock the most powerful REQs in the system.”

What are you most excited for in GoM? Will you be trying the WZ Firefight Beta?

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