Titanfall 2 Teaser Trailer Released, Worldwide Reveal This June

Standby for Titanfall… 2!

Following numerous confirmations of its existence, the first piece of Titanfall 2 marketing is now here in the form of a teaser trailer. Living up to its “teaser” nature, the trailer gives little away – depicting what appears to be a new form of Titan with a sword approaching a pod, likely containing a Pilot, coupled with a monologue discussing hero/villain ideology.

This monologue could be a suggestion that players can expect a more substantial story mode this time around, something hinted at (but not confirmed) by Respawn staff members.

As highlighted in the trailer, Titanfall 2‘s “worldwide reveal” will take place on June 12th, likely to premiere during the first day of EA’s first EA Play event, a public event intended to replace the publisher’s main appearance at E3 2016.

The trailer listing also confirms that Titanfall 2 will not be an Xbox exclusive, instead releasing on Xbox One PS4 & PC. The expected release window is Q4 2016 (calendar year), thanks to public discussion from EA CFO Blake Jorgensen at a conference earlier this year – meaning Titanfall 2 could potentially release anytime between Oct-Dec this year.

Are you ready to get back into a Titan? What do you want to see added in this sequel?

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