Wasteland Workshop DLC on its Way to Fallout 4

What’s a Sole Survivor to do when they get tired of shooting the bad guys? It’s probably a good idea to take a trip back to Sanctuary, where they can deposit all that junk that’s weighing them down. Get rid of those clocks, those microscopes, those deathclaws–wait, what?

Launching on April 12, Fallout 4‘s second DLC, Wasteland Workshop, is all about the game’s settlement system. You’ve got the normal things you’d find in a building DLC like more things to build with, different traps, and more decorations (including taxidermy), but the biggest draw is likely the ability to capture Commonwealth creatures and bring them back to your settlement. You can them tame them or control them to fight for you or be pets, or even fight against you. Want to have nightly deathclaw battles for settlers to prove their might? Go ahead and do it! Maybe if Blake Abernathy toughened himself up a little, he might not ask you for help every time he sees a radroach on his farm.

Wasteland Workshop deathclaw fight

Wasteland Workshop releases on Tuesday, April 12 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. It is the second in Bethesda’s line of DLC for Fallout 4, available on its own or with the game’s season pass. The individual price is $4.99US / £3.99 / $7.95AU, while the season pass price is $49.99US / £39.99 / $79.95AU, and includes Wasteland Workshop, the already released Atomotron, and Far Harbor, releasing next month. Other unnamed DLC is also in the works for Fallout 4, and included in the season pass.

Do you love building your settlements? What kinds of things will you make with Wasteland Workshop?

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