Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Reveal

Fans of Call of Duty were presented with a treat today, the reveal trailer for the latest game in the series: Call of Duty: Infinite Warefare. Taking place in the future, the game will release on November 4, 2016. It is being built by Infinity Ward, the developers behind the original Call of Duty, as well as the Modern Warfare series. A blog post by Avtivision’s Communications Manager Scott Lowe promises a “[return] to the series’ roots of massive-scale conflict between two warring factions”.

Coming from a series that started as a World War II shooter, Infinite Warfare will take place in the future, though how far is unknown. After a fleet of unidentified settlement ships moves into restricted airspace above Geneva, Switzerland, a large-scale terrorist attack is launched on the city. Called “the biggest attack in the history of the world”, the event leads to a war with a war with an organization known as the Settlement Defence Front, a militant group born during humanity’s colonization of the solar system.

CoD Infinite Warfare space

In addition to the normal Call of Duty gameplay, Infinite Warfare will have space combat, both in ships and with low-gravity on foot sections. Players can expect gadgets like high-tech grappling hooks, mechs, and robots. One robot appears to be a close ally of the main protagonist Nick Reyes, although enemy robots are seen as well. The game is designed to make the greatest use of modern systems, with a “seamless” campaign having little in the way of loading screens. Players will go to the hub of the United Nations Space Alliance ship Retribution between missions, an explorable area from which new missions are launched. Infinite Warfare will of course contain the multiplayer that made the series famous, but more information on that will come in the future.

One last thing to excite long-time Call of Duty fans, Infinite Warfare will include a “Legacy Edition” for a suggested price of US$79.99. True to its name, the Legacy Edition will contain a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, containing the Modern Warfare campaign and ten multiplayer maps from the game. Other editions Include the “Deluxe Digital Edition” with a season’s pass, and the “Legacy Pro Edition”, containing a steelbook case, soundtrack, and digital items.

Are you a Call of Duty fan? What do you think of the future setting for Infinite Warfare?

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