DOOM: Behind The Music

DOOM is practically brimming with energy left, right and center, but just in case there wasn’t enough, soundtrack composer Mick Gordon was on hand to deliver one of the most powerful game soundtracks in years. Inspired by and faithful to the earlier Doom titles’ soundtracks, primarily based on electronic music and heavy metal, 2016’s DOOM turns it up to 11 with heavy downtuned guitar play, resounding synth riffs and ground-shaking beats.

The number 666 and images of pentagrams appear when “Cyberdemon” is displayed through a spectogram. [Credit: Tomcb – Reddit]

The below two videos are a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the processes behind the magic, the many pieces of gear and overwhelming number of cables involved in producing such a unique score for this game.

Did you know that the number 666 and images of pentagrams are shown when parts of the music are displayed through a spectogram? Could you have imagined that some of the more unusual pieces of the soundtrack were produced simply by experimenting with an old 80’s Soviet synth? All that and plenty more insight into Gordon’s processes can be found below…