Fable Fortune – Lost Lionhead Project Resurrected

The gatekeepers to the world of Albion were ejected from their role, and the gates all but slammed shut for eternity – but a changing of the guard has taken place, and that new guard is a burning chicken. A new development studio comprised of many former Lionhead Studios veterans has decided to throw those gates open once again, but they need your help!

Another Fable title was in development for some time prior to the unfortunate fate of Lionhead Studios, and a team of their developers and veterans have decided to carry on with the project as an indie developer under the name Flaming Fowl Studios. After approaching Microsoft expecting rejection, they were elated to discover that the tech giant had interest in their proposal to complete the game. Microsoft has granted the license to use the Fable IP in the creation of Fable Fortune, giving Flaming Fowl Studios creative freedom to complete the title.

With the good news in hand Flaming Fowl Studios decided to launch a campaign earlier this morning on Kickstarter,with hopes to raise the $365,385+ USD to reach their goals of moving forward with Fable Fortune, a collectable card game set in the world of Albion. The dev team has turned to kickstarter having said “We think the game is great and we are sure we could find investors out there to help us complete Fortune, but we’ve decided to come to Kickstarter for one simple reason – we want to be fully independent. We want to develop games our way. We want to listen to our fans and react quickly to what they are saying. We want to make decisions based on the pride of our work, not because someone with a cheque book says so.”

Fable Fortune appears to be a unique style of CCG offering RPG style quest lines and the iconic Fable good and evil system allowing players to make decisions that will impact their hero’s alignment and how they appear and perform. We’ll once again see many of the creatures, villains, and landscapes to which we’ve grown accustomed as we forge the paths of 8 new heroes. But that’s just the beginning since Flaming Fowl Studios intends to progressively add more content to their game as time goes on.

With a projected launch date sometime at the end of 2017 on Windows 10 and Xbox One, and a closed beta beginning as early as July 2016, Flaming Fowl Studios is looking for your help in funding the future of Fable Fortune. Offering Kickstarter backers a wide variety of benefits starting at $7 for the Chicken Tier to $7,308 to be immortalized in the game itself and to meet the team in the Jack of Blades Tier, it’s almost impossible not to start investing now in the future of Fable.

So check out their Kickstarter for more information, and if you see fit, contribute to the future of Albion!

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