Halo 5 Company Battles – May 01/2016

Hello everyone, and May the fourth be with you in all of your Halo games! You know, in three days. Or however many days it is until or has been since May fourth. This kind of fell apart right from the beginning.

Anyway, welcome back to Halo 5 Company Battles! You know how this works, on the first and sixteenth of every month, I post the stats of Ready Up Live’s four Spartan Companies in Halo 5 to get a little friendly competition going. The Companies are RUL Actual, RUL Cobra, RUL Mako, and RUL Xeno. Now, let’s start off with a some general stats before going into the graphs. RUL Actual is still in the lead, beating the other three Companies in all four categories. Cobra and Mako are the proverbial peloton, because apparently I’m doing a biking analogy. Cobra beats Mako in Warzone, and Mako beats Cobra in Arena, giving these two rivals the second place tie. Finally, in last we have Xeno. Are they saving up their energy? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Community Battles 01 05 16

Turning to the graphs now, we see RUL Actual holding steady for Arena KD. Cobra and Mako both saw slight increases, Mako’s after a sharp decline in the month of April. These two had better get a lot less parallel in the future, they’re supposed to be rivals! Finally, Xeno has continued to drop in a surprisingly linear fashion since the beginning of Community Battles. Better luck next time, you guys.

Arena KD 01 05 16

Looking at win percentage for Arena, RUL Actual can take pride in the fact that they’re the only Community that hasn’t dropped since the beginning of Community Battles. Other than that, not much to see here. Everyone’s in the exact same place that they were two weeks ago.

Arena Win 01 05 16

Warzone time! With stats forever screwed up because of Warzone Firefight, we see another across-the-board increase, albeit one far less dramatic than the last. It’s really unfortunate that Firefight wasn’t separated from regular Warzone stat-wise, the data from now on is going to be kind of unreliable. What’s the deal with additional variables, amirite? Mako was able to cross past 1.6 after hugging the line last time, while Xeno still lags nearly 0.2 behind everyone else.

Warzone KD 01 05 16

Finally we move onto Warzone win percentage, where Mako holds the title of only Company to not have dropped since we started. Hopefully either RUL Actual or Mako will go up sometime in the future, or these flat lines might get a tad boring. Of course, here’s to hoping everyone goes up in the future!

Warzone win 01 05 16

This Company Battles may not have been as interesting as the last, but stuff’s definitely happening! Maybe we can have a Cobra vs. Mako battle royale to try finding out which one is truly the best. I’d watch that!

How does your Company stack up? Do you think the craziness of Super Fiesta has affected your stats in any way?

Tell us in the comments below, or on our subreddit!