Halo 5 Company Battles – May 16/2016

Are you ready? Are you really ready? Are you ready for how mind blowing this next Halo 5 Company Battles is going to be? Ready for what’s going to go down? To go downtown? About how intense stuff is going to get? About how it’s going to get camping levels of in tents? I’m badly constructing puns, and I need to stop right now things are going so crazy!!! Display the stats, Kronk!

Ahem, excuse me. There are some happenings in this Halo 5 Company Battles and they uh…they kind of got the best of me. I’ll try to stay composed for the rest of the article, but I can’t promise anything. By the way, you all know Company Battles, right? It’s a fun little competition between Ready Up Live’s four Spartan Companies in Halo 5: Actual, Cobra, Mako, and Xeno. It’s been going on for a few months now, and all four Companies are giving it their all. Why am I going so crazy? Well, you can check out the stats down below and look for it, but that’s kind of boring. I mean, numbers? Blegh. Graphs are where it’s at, but a gold star to those who find it in the raw data.

(disclaimer: gold stars are proverbial only. Neither RUL nor Foundation Afro will provide gold stars. Please provide yourself with a gold star if you meet the requirement of finding something exciting in the data.)

Company battles stats 16 5 16

So…it’s Arena K/D time. This is where it goes down, this is where the big upset of the May 16, 2016 Company Battles happens. My friends, a significant drop in Cobra’s K/D and a significant rise in Xeno’s K/D has given birth to a new rivalry here at Ready Up Live. Cobra/Mako rivalry? Thing of the past. Now Cobra and Xeno are fighting for top–well, not top spot I suppose, that’s still firmly in Actual’s hands. But top spot amongst the two, at least. And is it really a surprise that this is happening? One of the Xeno leaders has a sexy hairdo and the other a sexy accent, it’s no doubt they’d start to have sexy stats. I’m saying this as a passive observer who is in no way connected to Xeno of course…hey look, a distraction!

Arena KD 16 5 16

Okay, win percentage time. For four weeks, RUL Actual was the only Company that hadn’t gone down in win rate. Ha! How times do change. Now we’re all past our prime!

Arena win 16 5 16

Onto Warzone now, where Xeno isn’t quite as on fire. The Cobra/Mako rivalry is still in full swing here, with Cobra starting to drop without the K/D farm of Firefight to aid them. Did Warzone Turbo do much to affect these stats? Possibly, but the gametype is most beneficial on the player level, helping those with lots of REQs to throw away. It would take a lot of work to see how that translated to the larger scale of Companies. At any rate, Cobra seems to be losing the lead the gained a while back, with an overall K/D of 0.006 higher than Mako. That’s pretty close. Will they drop down to third from the second place tie they’ve been holding on to? Things are getting intense.

Warzone KD 16 5 16

As for Warzone win percentage…it’s flat. That’s…that’s about all I can say. All of our Companies seem to like the rut they’ve dug themselves into.

Warzone win 16 5 16

So, how do we stack up this session? Well, RUL Actual still leads in all categories, they are the champ’yons of RUL. Cobra and Mako are still tied for second, but an upset is looming. Mako’s ahead in Arena while Cobra’s ahead in Warzone–but only barely. Finally, we have Xeno in fourth. But they have their sights set firmly on Cobra, and our snaky friends may soon find themselves dragged into yet another tie, but this time for third. Things are happening my friends, and hoo boy are they exciting.

How has your Company fared? Are you rejoicing in the thrill of the rivalries unfolding?

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