Make Chatting Great Again

Hey everyone.

As you’ve likely noticed, we here at RUL have finally retired our forums. We’ve had a long, storied history within our forums, but it’s time to leap into the present.

We’ve spent months trying to define what “RUL” is. It seems to change every year. Throughout the network of Ready Up Live projects, one thing has remained consistent: community. Ready Up Live has always been about community. Whether it was on forums, through YouTube, Twitter or Facebook, or simply on Xbox Live, the group of people standing proud under the RUL banner continued to grow in numbers.

One of the truly defining aspects of throughout its history was the chatbox. Within the website community, it was lovingly referred to as the “AwesomeBox”. Still a great name. We decided to bring the AwesomeBox back. There have been some truly great, genuine conversations that have happened over the years on RUL, and we want to perpetuate that. A 24/7 chatting community. A place to make friends, find teammates, and just banter.

The chat page is still a work in progress. It’s not perfect, but we’re working every day to make it that way.

The RUL front page may change slightly, but we will still post news, reviews, and funny videos.

We appreciate everyone who has stuck with us through these years and we hope you’re ready to grow a new kind of community together.


PS: Here’s┬áSoterios.