Microsoft Releasing Nearly One Million Unused Gamertags

Is there a gamertag you want, but just can’t get? Tired of yours being bookended with Xx_? Great news! On Wednesday, May 16, Microsoft will be releasing nearly a million gamertags from long-dead accounts to the Xbox community.

If you want a new-old gamertag and are hoping to get it during Wednesday’s release, you must be an active Xbox user with an Xbox Live Gold account. You also need at least one year of cumulative Gold in order to get an undead gamertag. Keep in mind that this is cumulative rather than sequential, so if you stopped having a Gold account and your current one is less than a year old, you’re still okay as long as you have at least twelve months in total. Your Xbox Live tenure can be viewed from the profile page on your console, or on the Xbox app for Windows 10. The gamertags will start to be released at 2pm EST/11pm PST, and will slowly released over 24 hours. That means that the good gamertags won’t all be snatched up by people in timezones who can more easily get to them at the beginning of the release window.

All of the gamertags being released are ones that haven’t been in use since the days of the original Xbox, so if you’ve been drooling over one for a long time, it might just be yours. The list hasn’t been released, but it contains things like proper names, pop culture references, animals, and more. For more information, you can check out Major Nelson’s blog.