New “Memories of Reach” Update Details & Screenshots Revealed

Can’t wait for Halo 5‘s “Memories of Reach” update coming soon? Of course you can’t, with the return of NOBLE Team’s armor, fan-favorite game mode Infection and a whole host of new REQs, Halo 5‘s next update is one of the most exciting yet!

Today, courtesy of Gamespot, we got a brand new look at what to expect from the update, with details and screenshots of the armor sets being added… plus something else.

Remember the REQ reveal poster recently shown off by 343 Industries? More importantly, do you remember the mysterious blurred REQ towards the top?


Whilst we still don’t know what’s behind the intriguing ONI symbol in the centre, it’s all but confirmed (thanks to one of today’s screenshots) that the REQ directly to its left is none other than Jorge’s Machine Gun! As a single-use REQ, it’s safe to assume that this Mythic weapon will be treated as a variant of the portable turrets already available in the game – hopefully much more powerful!

You can check out the above-mentioned screenshot and all of the others shown off today via GameSpot below:


Further details on the “Memories of Reach” content update for Halo 5: Guardians can be found in today’s GameSpot article or on Halo Waypoint.

What’re you most excited for in Memories of Reach?

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