Best of E3 2016 – Staff Picks

With E3 come and gone, the staff here at Ready Up Live is as excited as the rest of the gaming community for what’s coming down the line. We could just do one top ten–but that’s boring! We all have different tastes, and even hearty discussion would be unlikely to yield a top ten list we all agree with. So instead, each staff member is doing a separate top three, discussing the three games shown off at E3 2016 that they’re most excited about. And now, without further ado, let’s get down to business!


  1. Civilization VI – This being #1 on my list probably doesn’t come as a surprise to anybody who follows me on social media, I’m a bit of a Civ nut. We didn’t learn a whole lot at E3 this year that we didn’t already know, but I’m so excited about this game, Sid Meier walking around the floor as a guest would be enough to clinch this as my top pick.
  2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – I haven’t had a Nintendo console since the Gamecube, but this might be the game that I buy a WiiU (or NX) for. It’s an open-world Zelda game, and I love both of those things a lot. If I bought a WiiU and only ever played this and the Metroid Prime trilogy, I’d be happy with it.
  3. ReCore – Remember how I mentioned Metroid Prime? Echoes was probably my favourite game on the Gamecube. Some of the people who are working on ReCore had previously worked on Metroid Prime, so just that is enough to get me hyped. But that aside, it’s an outstanding looking game. We first learned about it last E3 with a teaser trailer, and that was enough to get me hyped about it. I kind of forgot about it for a while since no new information was coming out, but if it had been, my anticipation would have been growing non-stop.


  1. Steep – Okay, so snowboarding. Skiing. Parachuting. WINGSUITS?! Absolutely everything I love about SSX and every other snow sports game combined into one giant, open world, first person (because I’m never going to use third person now) game. I just can’t get over how sick it looks.
  2. Scalebound/Cuphead – I know Cuphead wasn’t shown off during the conferences, but my love for difficult platformers still rings true after Super Meat Boy. I can’t wait to get frustrated over it. Now, my actual entry for second place is Scalebound. It’s colourful, fairly unique, damage numbers show up above an enemy’s head (that’s always good because that usually means RPG!), co-op, interesting gameplay; I could go on. But I won’t. It just seems like so much gosh dang fun.
  3. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – What was said above; open-world Zelda game. That’s enough to make me giddy. Full voice acting, beautiful scenery, you can climb on things a-la Shadow of the Colossus, it’s a wet dream for an average LoZ fan like myself; or super hardcore like my friend, who wouldn’t stop squealing. Not to mention they finally mapped jumping to an actual button. Wow!


  1. Sea of Thieves – Rare may have won my heart with this game, as lover of all things Pirate you can understand why a game where you build your own crew, rig and pilot your own ship, and have realtime player combat with realistic damage is right up my alley… I can’t wait to be on the high seas looting and plundering, I’ve already got my shanties queued up!
  2. Horizon Zero Dawn – Congratulations Guerrilla Games, you’re making me buy a Playstation 4. Until now I had been satisfied missing out on title exclusives and sticking with one brand of Next-Gen console, but with the massive potential, beautiful graphics, and amazing gameplay… I need this game, and I already expect to lose dozens of hours exploring every corner of this world.
  3. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – Okay, to be fair, E3 wasn’t the first time we heard about this game – but it was the first time I saw gameplay, or well really any footage. I had dismissed it as yet another COD game and mostly ignored it, though now I think the inner space nerd in me is going to actually like it with the future tech and hopefully realistic space content, but only time will tell. This only beat the half dozen runners up because of my fanboy reaction to the entire boarding sequence.


  1. Resident Evil VII – I haven’t picked RE7 as my top E3 highlight as an RE fan, but because I can personally attest to the fact that they managed to cover every that a fan of the series would want from an E3 reveal of such a major title. Not only was there the incredibly atmospheric and unsettling cinematic trailer, but a proof-of-concept playable demo released for fans to try, and most importantly, a true return to form for Resident Evil horror. Oh, and did I mention? We only have to wait 7 months. (Was that another 7?)
  2. Xbox – But Ty, you can’t have Xbox as a highlight?! You don’t own me. This is my segment and we’re playing by my rules now… Xbox managed to not only show off an incredible lineup of killer titles, but showcased some very exciting new hardware, a whole slew of major software updates and some major new community programs/services. In short, they succeeded in doing what all E3 showcasers should be aiming for – they got fans excited for Xbox both in the present and the mid-term future of the platform they invested in.
  3. Halo Wars 2 – Very much for the same reasons as RE7, Halo Wars 2 takes my third spot for scratching all of the itches a fan would have. A gameplay reveal, playable demo and previews of both campaign and multiplayer modes gave fans a full feeler of what to expect next year when the game launches. Most importantly though.. That trailer – did anyone else get chills like they did when the Halo 3 diorama trailer was shown?


  1. We Happy Few – There’s just something about this game that immediately caught my attention. While I’m not one for scary games, I am drawn to games that are just plain twisted. This game reminds me a lot of a mixture between BioShock, Fallout, and Alice: Madness Returns. I think the premise of the story and the setting is just so intriguing that it will manage to hook gamers in to this society they’ve tried to create. I personally can’t wait to play this game and see if I can make my way through that twisted world.
  2. Sea of Thieves – The second I saw that I could live out my childhood dream of being a pirate, I was hooked. Who doesn’t want to sail their own pirate ship while exploring islands and trying to sink other ships. Even though we only saw a little bit of gameplay and the premise of what the game is actually about, I’m really interested to see what this game has to offer. I think this will definitely be a game that will be great to play with friends and have some laughs along the way. And yes, I can already promise that I will be running around in this game yelling “Arrrr” and “Why is all the rum gone?!”
  3. Battlefield 1 – Admittedly, Battlefield has always been one of my favorite shooter games that I’ve ever played. I enjoy the mechanics of the gameplay and the various options for combat whether that be on land, sea, or in the sky. The unpredictability that the game will create with the various changes on the map from weather and destruction, will definitely add a level of difficulty in a way that I think will make the game feel new all the time and make it so that each match is not identical to another. Which I think is definitely something that makes fps shooters get stale and repetitive very frequently. I really think this new Battlefield will be the game to drag my attention back to shooters and keep me hooked for quite a while with its multiplayer.


What are your most anticipated games from this year’s E3? Why are you looking forward to them?

Tell us in the comments below, or on our subreddit. List as many as you like!