Bethesda Announces Vault-Tech Workshop – E3 2016

During their E3 show, Bethesda announced the latest DLC for Fallout 4: Vault-Tech Workshop. The DLC is similar to Wasteland Workshop in that it provides an expanded number of building options for Fallout 4. It will be much larger than Wasteland Workshop, and will make elevators, convenor belts and–wait for it–Vaults available. Yes, that’s right, with Vault-Tech Workshop, you will be able to build entire Vaults in Fallout 4. Launching in July, Vault-Tech Workshop will allow you to build the most important structures in the post-war wasteland, the Vaults that protected humanity from the bombs. You can build an entire underground Vault, not only editing rooms, hallways, and decorations, but digging through entire underground caves as well. And of course, the caves aren’t safe in a Fallout game! All the irradiated animals littered around your future Vault site will have to be dealt with before you can make a safe place for your citizens to avoid the radiation of the world above (or unsafe place, Vault-Tec was known for their human experimentation).

Fallout 4 dweller experiment

Another DLC, Wasteland Vacation, will be launching in August. Less in known about it, but it appears to take place in Nuka-World, a theme park designed around the most delicious beverage in the Wasteland, Nuka-Cola. It will likely be a gameplay DLC, possibly a smaller one like Atomotron. If Bethesda is following the same pattern as their previous DLC we may yet see a third DLC as well: a cosmetic DLC, a smaller story DLC, and then a large gameplay DLC.