Civilization VI – E3 2016

We learned a bit more about Civilization VI during 2K’s E3 conference, but nowhere near the amount of information we got during some Youtubers’ recent visit to Las Angeles. However, we did get a bit of new info, especially with regards to the late game, which we haven’t seen before.

Though we knew a lot of early game stuff already, we got to see it in action, rather than the pre-made gameplay that Youtubers were allowed to show a few weeks ago. Roads, which are now built using trade routes, appear to be built instantly when a trade route is sent to one of your cities, similar to builders instantly improving tiles. We also got a bit of a close look at what appears to be the new government policy system, replacing social policies. Military, economic, diplomatic, and military policies can be switched out at will, allowing players to edit their bonuses throughout the game.

Civ VI spaceship

Just as in Civilization V, four different victory conditions are present in Civ V. One of the Civ V ones has been taken out and replaced with a new one, and while the developers are remaining quiet, it I had to guess I would say it’s the diplomatic victory. The change to city-states means that, at the very least, the diplomatic victory from Civ V would need a complete overhaul for Civilization V . We’ve also seen a (possible) change to the space race. In Civ V, all one needs to do to win a science victory is build and launch a spaceship to Alpha Centauri, but that’s not the case for other games in the series. In the original Civilization and Civilization IV, spaceships had travel time before reaching Alpha Centauri. Want to get a ship out ASAP? You’d have to sacrifice quality and your ship may be slower, losing you the game. We haven’t heard one way or another, but Lead Developer Ed Beach wouldn’t comment on whether launching the spaceship meant victory or not.

Civilization VI will launch with eighteen civs, the same as Civ V. A lot more are sure to be added, Civ V had thirty-nine by the end. Four civs are known so far; America under Teddy Roosevelt, Egypt under Cleopatra, and China and Japan under unknown leaders. Civilization VI launches October 21 of this year.