Days Gone Gameplay Demo – E3 2016

Now, at first I thought that this could be the spiritual successor to Road To Hell: Redemption, considering I saw a patch that said 1% out in the open during the cinematic. I might be a little wrong here. Days Gone appears to be a third person survival game, with the tried-and-true zombie apocalypse theme. What stands out immediately – and impressively – is the sheer amount of enemies on the screen, as they seem to pour out like liquid from a faucet. Most of the gameplay shown is the protagonist running from said zombies, and problem solving his way around the area while looking for somewhere safe. From the get go, Days Gone looks like it’ll be a challenge, which isn’t a bad thing. It’s nice to feel a little helpless sometimes, right?


What do you think of Days Gone? Could it present a fresh take on zombie survival?

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