Destiny – Rise of Iron Expansion Reveal Trailer and Details

Today Bungie revealed and officially announced their next major expansion for Destiny. Destiny: Rise of Iron will release September 20th, 2016 for Xbox One and PS4. This is the first DLC for Destiny that is for “next-gen” (current-gen) only, PS3 and Xbox 360 are being left behind on future adventures in Destiny.

Destiny: Rise of Iron will cost $30 USD and will add a new campaign story, new places, new cooperative experiences – including a new Raid, and new Crucible experiences as well. Rise of Iron will also increase the maximum light level (TBA) and introduce a new enemy faction and bosses.

Destiny: Rise of Iron will require Destiny game and The Taken King (includes Expansions I & II).

Destiny Rise of Iron Contents

Destiny’s Rise of Iron Story allows players to follow Lord Saladin as they journey into the Plaguelands where you’ll learn the fate of the Iron Lords. The Plaguelands, an area near the Cosmodrome, was quarantined for centuries and now the new enemy faction, Devil Splicers have broken through the walls and found technology of limitless power.

Destiny Rise of Iron New Gear

You may have noticed in screenshots and the trailer, there’s a new fire battle axe. It’s classified as a relic, and will function just like the Scorch Cannon or the Vex’s “Relic” shield. Players can pick it up on the battlefield and use it for a limited amount of time to unleash havoc upon enemies.

Also, the Gjallarhorn is back, all players can reportedly forge a new Gjallarhorn in the Rise of Iron. However, if you pre-order you’ll be given an exclusive quest to get the all new Iron Gjallarhorn.

More Destiny: Rise of Iron details will come this summer, keep your eye out as E3 is less than a week away!

Are you excited for the expansion? What about the Iron Gjallarhorn?!

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