Halo 5 Company Battles – June 1/2016

Hello all, and welcome back to Halo 5 Company Battles! If you don’t know what this is, on the 1st and 16th of every month, I grab the stats from Ready Up Live’s four Halo 5 Spartan Companies and post them here. The four Companies are Ready Up Live Actual, Ready Up Live Cobra, Ready Up Live Mako, and Ready Up Live Xeno. This session was less intense than the last one, but some happenings did still happen, so let’s get right down to it. As always, we start off with the basic stats:

RUL Company Battles 1 6 16 Stats

It’s graph time now, so let’s take a look at Arena. We’ll check out both K/D and win percentage, win percentage doesn’t change much and is usually pretty boring, so I’ve decided to mix them together from now on. In terms of K/D, Actual pulled up from the short nosedive they were taking, while Mako continues to drop for the third week in a row, and has been dropping more or less steadily since we started Community Battles. Cobra too was able to pull out of a drop, theirs much larger than Actual’s. Combined with Xeno staying flat, we may not see the showdown between these two that many had been hoping for. On the win side, Cobra and Mako both saw a drop from May 16th. Cobra is now tied with Xeno in this regard, so maybe we shouldn’t count out the rivalry between these two just yet.

RUL Company battles 1 6 16 Arena KD

1 6 16 Arena Win

As for Warzone, Mako dropped in K/D after coming this close to overtaking Cobra once again. Between this and Arena K/D, I’m starting to wonder if they just don’t like confrontation. Actual was able to stay pretty flat while Xeno dropped just the tiniest bit. Things have begun to return to normal after Warzone Firefight *yoink*ed with all the numbers, but they’re unfortunately never going to return to normal, especially with Firefight soon to return. Statisticians everywhere weep over this dirty data, cursing that extra variable under their breath. As for win percentage, we have more flatness, except for Xeno who has dropped below the 50/50 mark. Ouch.

1 6 16 Warzone KD

1 6 16 Warzone win

The stats are in for June 1, 2016. RUL Actual is once again the big winner, ahead in ever category. In second, the tie between RUL Cobra and RUL Mako continues, with Mako leading in Arena and Cobra leading in Warzone. It’s almost like these two like their tied state, they both dropped in Arena win percentage to maintain it! Finally, bringing up the rear, we have RUL Xeno. Last in everything. But hey, that means there’s more to strive for, right? Besides, it’s all about the fun of the game!

How is your Company doing? Do you think Xeno will join the others in Achillesland soon?

Tell us in the comments below, or on our subreddit!