Halo 5 Company Battles – June 20, 2016

Hey everyone, time for a new edition of Halo 5 Company Battles! That’s where I take the Halo 5 stats of RUL’s four companies; Actual, Cobra, Mako, and Xeno, and compare them on the first and sixteenth of every month for some friendly competition. What do you mean why is this four days late? Your face is four days late. I’m going on the excuse that the sixteenth was on the tail end of the super hectic E3, but seriously…I kind of just forgot. If you ever see me in person, feel free to point at me and chant “shame! Shame! Shame!” Before we get down to business, I’d like to congratulate Xeno for getting Achilles recently, the last RUL Company to do so. As a Xeno member this is pretty exciting, especially because I left Actual to become Xeno’s Lieutenant less than a week before they got Achilles. Oh well, it’s the fun times in-game that count! Now, let’s start it off with the stats for our four companies:

Company battle stats 20 06 16

Arena time! This session was a little bit boring in terms of K/D, to say the least. Actual seems to be stuck in a bit of a rut, being in the same place they were on the first, after an only tiny increase from a month ago. Mako’s trying to get back above that 1.14 mark, and Cobra and Xeno continue to battle it out. As for win ratio…hoo boy. Everyone’s dropped except Mako, with Xeno seeing a two percentage point drop in the last period, the first we’ve seen. They’ve been partying too hard after getting Achilles! Cobra’s got themselves and unwanted record as well, this time for two consecutive periods of dropping. Ouch.

Arena kd 20 06 16

Arena win 20 06 16

Turning to Warzone, we have a bit of flatness as far as K/D is concerned. Actual has been on a steady decline for a while now, and Xeno is trying to pull out of a drop before the same happens to them. Cobra is staying as flat as a Saskatchewanian pancake, which could prove troublesome if Mako continues their rise. On to win percentage, we again see three drops, this time with Xeno being spared. We also see another two percentage point drop, with Cobra falling down to rival Mako’s 50/50 ratio. Will there be an upset next time, or will these two stay tied for second?

Warzone kd 20 06 16

Warzone win 20 06 16

And that brings us to the end of the stats for June 20, 2016. Not a lot happened, but some rivalries are still aflame. Once again we have Actual in the lead, followed by a tie for second by Cobra and Mako, who are winning in Warzone and Arena respectively. And in last, we have Xeno, those guys with all the heart and none of the performance.

How did your team do this session? What rivalries excite you the most?

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