Halo 5: Warzone Firefight Launches June 29th!

In a blog post on Xbox WireHalo 5: Guardians‘ biggest update yet has been given a release date of June 29th – less than a week away!

Named after it’s massive new mode Warzone Firefight, the new update will feature new Warzone & Arena maps, brand-new Forge canvas Tidal, Score Attack mode for campaign, plus the next drop of REQs including the Halo 2 Beam Rifle and the brand-new UNSC Wasp aerial vehicle!

In addition to all this, the Xbox Store is getting in on the celebrations during the update’s week of release:

“To celebrate the release of Warzone Firefight next week, the full game of Halo 5: Guardians will be available to download and play FOR FREE to all Xbox Live Gold members from June 29 to July 5 as part of Xbox Live’s “Free Play Days” program. Additionally, Halo 5: Guardians will be on sale for 50 percent off during this same time. There’s no better time to join the Spartan ranks!”

For those who have been living under a proverbial rock and missed the enormous neon sign memo, Warzone Firefight is Halo 5‘s take on the classic Firefight PvE mode that debuted in Halo 3: ODST. Team up with 7 other players to take on numerous waves of Covenant and Promethean enemies as you attempt to complete objectives and defeat bosses to achieve victory. Coming with Warzone Firefight are the recently-revealed Grunt Goblin vehicle boss and the UNSC VTOL AV-49 Wasp, a new aerial vehicle players can call in via the REQ system.

As for the new REQs, there are some rather exciting new items being added this time around, check out the full list below:

There will apparently be more surprises in store before the update is released, so keep an eye out for more – and be sure to tune into the pre-release livestream on June 28 at 2p.m. PT.

Are you ready for Warzone Firefight? What REQ are you most excited for?

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