Project Scorpio – Confirmed Holiday 2017

Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, just announced at E3 the next step for the Xbox console family, Project Scorpio. Claiming it to be the most powerful console ever created it’s boasting 6 teraflops of GPU, 320 gigabytes per second of memory bandwidth, 8CPU cores, true 4k Gaming, and Hi-Fi VR support!

Developers seem to be very excited to be working with the new capabilities offered by Scorpio, and with things like full VR Support for Fallout 4 it really makes you wonder what we’ll see next. With the goal of a world beyond generations or¬†boundaries, all content, games, and accessories for the Xbox One and Xbox One S will be compatible with the new console. Spencer has framed a release time of holiday 2017 so we can expect to see more details on this step¬†forward for Xbox in the near future.

Will you be buying the result of Project Scorpio? What features excite you most?
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