PS3 and Xbox 360 Lose Trials of Osiris, Iron Banner

As Bungie moves Destiny into the future with the upcoming Rise of Iron expansion, last-gen consoles are losing some of the game’s rotating content. Beginning August 2016, Destiny players on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (which Bungie has dubbed “legacy consoles”) will lose access to Trials of Osiris, Iron Banner, and Live Events like the Sparrow Racing League. Legacy players will also miss out on the upcoming Rise of Iron expansion for Destiny.

Other than the three events listed above, legacy players will continue to get access to any other timed content, including Xûr, the Eververse Trading Company, and Prison of Elders. All PvE content, aside from timed events, will also remain accessible. Legacy players can still upgrade to a current-gen console, however progress will no longer be shared across the two console generations. This means that silver, items, and experience will be separate between the two generations.

Finally, legacy consoles will no longer receive any major updates, nor will they receive any upcoming content or expansions. Xbox 360 and PS3 players who want to continue to get updates will have to upgrade their account to a current-gen console. All players, regardless of console generation, must perform an account import in August 2016. An FAQ for Destiny‘s upcoming changes can be found on


Are you on a legacy console? What are your opinions of the upcoming changes?

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