ReadyUpLive E3 2016 Bingo

Only a couple of days until E3 2016, and we could not be more excited to cover the event here on Ready Up Live. There is so much to look forward to during the event, with virtual reality on the forefront, gameplay demos, new IPs, and a couple of surprises here and there.

A handful of exclusive games are coming soon to both Xbox One and Playstation 4, but what else can we expect to see from Microsoft and Sony? Will there be any outstanding games or even VR games to come out of EA, Ubisoft, Bethesda? Has Nintendo really given up on the WiiU?

Once again, we have made E3 prediction bingo cards that you can play during the conferences, to make your viewing experience more fun and interesting. Print them out, grab some snacks and watch the win, fails and surprises of this year’s E3

Electronic Arts
Sunday 12th June, 1:00pm PT | 4:00pm ET

With EA kicking off the major conferences at E3, we can look forward to gameplay demos of Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2, and find out more info on Mass Effect: Andromeda. Could we be getting a new Star Wars game? What about a new Dead Space or Skate title? Also… SPORTS! SPORTS! SPORTS!


Monday 13th June, 9:30am PT | 12:30pm ET

We will definitely see more information on Gears of War 4, Crackdown, Scalebound and Halo Wars 2. A new Xbox One Slim could be revealed, we might see Microsoft’s plans for virtual reality and probably get another look at gaming with the HoloLens.


Monday 13th June, 1:00pm PT | 4:00pm ET

Aisha Tyler will be hosting the Ubisoft conference again this year, hoping to see more gameplay for Ghost Recon Wildlands, For Honor and Watch Dogs 2. We could also be getting a new Rayman game, a tease for next year’s Assassins Creed, new content for The Division and of course, a dance performance.


Monday 13th June, 6:00pm PT | 9:00pm ET

Virtual reality games will be a huge focus for Sony this year, with Playstation VR launching this October. We could also hear more about the rumoured PS4 4.5/Neo, and look forward to many exclusive titles – a new Last of Us, God of War, or Crash Bandicoot maybe?


Tuesday 14th June, 9:00am PT | 12:00pm ET

I guess we will FINALLY get to see some gameplay for the next Legend of Zelda, which releases on the WiiU and the upcoming NX – which Nintendo have no plans to talk about at E3, but releases worldwide in about 9 months. C’mon Nintendo, What are you doing?


Tell us, what are your predictions for this year’s E3? What games are you looking forward to?

Also, thank you to Shawn and the staff for helping out with the bingo cards!