Halo 5 Company Battles – July 1, 2016

Hello all, and welcome to another Halo 5 Company Battles. Happy Canada Day! So, you know what this is. On the 1st and 16th of every month, I grab Halo Waypoint data on RUL’s four Spartan Companies: Actual, Cobra, Mako, and Xeno. It gets some fun little competition going between all us RULers, especially when some weeks are super close! I’m going to tease you by saying something pretty big happened this week, so without further ado, let’s get this thing started! As always, we start with the data:

01 07 16 Company battles data

Taking a look at Arena, not much has happened. Once again, everything is flat on the win percentage side. K/D is pretty boring as well. As they have been for weeks now, Cobra and Xeno are neck-and-neck, and it doesn’t seem like that’s changing any time soon. Actual and Mako are starting to inch closer together, but this rivalry still has a long way to go.

01 07 16 arena kd01 07 16 arena win

Now on to Warzone, and this is where it gets interesting. Everyone’s gone up this time, probably because Warzone Firefight means that there are a lot of AI and–wait, what?! Ladies and gentlemen, RUL Mako has at long last surpassed Cobra with scores of 1.707 vs. 1.696! This means that their long tie is finally over, Mako has again clinched second place! Wow! Moving to win percentage, we see some dropping from Actual and Xeno. Cobra has bounced back, trying to beat Mako in at least one thing. How long will this rivalry continue? Everything is still close as heck over here! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see….

01 07 16 warzone kd01 07 16 warzone win

Were you expecting these results? Who are you cheering for?

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