SMITE – Recent Update Brings Clan Feature

Lay the smack down from Mount Olympus to the halls of Valhalla in SMITE, a free-to-play third person MOBA developed by Hi-Rez Studios for the XBox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, where you do battle as one of 70+ epic legends and deities spanning 8 pantheons.

If you’ve never played SMITE it plays similarly to other popular MOBA games with its main deviation being a unique third person view offering a familiar feel with a twist to keep things fresh. SMITE is sporting balanced combat through a healthily staggered character imbalance and a progressive gear buying system so you start each match on fairly even ground. Your main focus is attacking and defending objectives, slaying waves of minions, and duking it out with other deities across multiple game types; all the while earning levels and gold so you can outpace your opponents and deploy some devastating abilities. So whether you take the reins of Apollo’s chariot, scorch the sands as Ra, or heft Mjolnir in Thor’s capable hands you’re in for a unique battle with every queue.

With the immense popularity and growing community for SMITE, Hi-Rez is regularly patching their game to maintain a level of balance while constantly taking player feedback into consideration. In the two most recent console patches, 3.10 and 3.11, we saw the implementation of, and bug fixes for, a new feature enabling Player Clans – and that’s why we’re all really here now isn’t it. Clans allow for groups of players to collectively earn Honor toward the rank of their clan, participate in Clan Quests, and sport an awesome Clan tag in game. As you earn Honor for your clan you also collect a personal balance, similar to the games Favor system, that can be spent on chests in the Clan Store to unlock some pretty cool, and exclusive, god skins. With this feature available now, and more to follow, there’s almost no reason not to be part of a SMITE Clan. Now, put your hand down, before you even ask –  yes, of course RUL has a SMITE Xbox One clan thanks to a certain musically inclined, terrifyingly good, Kali player.

...and so it begins
…and so it begins


Searching for “Ready Up Live” in the Xbox One SMITE clan menu will allow you to submit your application to join in on the fun. You can earn bonus honor for playing with fellow members and get to contribute as part of the community, teaching and learning as a group. Please understand though that the clan membership does have a cap and we may not be able to accept every application immediately, but as the clan progresses in rank the cap grows and as spots become available we’ll be in touch! If demand is high enough, we may even branch out – not unlike our Halo Spartan Companies. And with the Gabe Said So Sale going on this weekend, July 1st through July 4th, there’s no better time to start playing.


Do you play SMITE? Who’s your favorite god(dess)?
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