XCOM 2: Shen’s Last Gift

The third and final DLC for XCOM 2, entitled Shen’s Last Gift, is now out. The story-based DLC focuses on XCOM Chief Engineer Lily Shen, and the legacy left by her father two decades ago. Shen leads the missions in Last Gift, and brings with her a new ally: the robotic SPARK.

The biggest change in Shen’s Last Gift is the introduction of a new soldier type: the SPARK. A robot, SPARKs can do things that humans can’t, like absorb heavy damage and go into fights damaged. Like other soldiers, SPARKs can be customized through skills gained through promotions, however as robots they’re of course more different than they are the same. SPARKs aren’t recruited, they’re obtained through what’s called the Proving Grounds, and after a mission must be healed in Engineering. SPARKs have two opposing skill trees that they can follow once they begin to earn some promotions. The War Machine tree turns them into walking tanks, able to absorb the brunt of the damage while the rest of the team gets the job done. Future Combat on the other hand turns SPARKs into robotic war machines, outfitted with the best weapons the XCOM Initiative has to offer. They also have access to the BIT, similar to XCOM 2‘s Gremlin hack bot.


Shen’s Last Gift is available now for PC players, with Linux and Mac versions on their way. It will also be available to Xbox One and PS4 players on September 6, when XCOM 2 launches for console. It can be purchased on its own for $9.99, or along with Anarchy’s Children and Alien Hunters in the Reinforcement Pack. For more information, visit xcom.com.

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