Games With Gold – September 2016

September’s Games With Gold titles have been announced, and both Xbox One and Xbox 360 get some pretty parkour-y ones. Xbox One owners with an Xbox Live Gold account will get Earthlock: Festival of Magic and Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China. Meanwhile, both 360 and One owners will get Forza Horizon and the original Mirror’s Edge.

Those with an Xbox One will be able to get the turn-based RPG Earthlock: Festival of Magic throughout the month of September. From September 16th to October 15, they will also be able to download the 2.5D platformer Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China. Earthlock is special in that it is not only free in September, but launches on September 1st! That means that you can pick up this US$29.99 game in its launch month, completely free.

GWG sept 16 xb1

Xbox 360 owners aren’t left out of course. From September 1st to the 15th, they’ll be able to pick up the racing game Forza Horizon. In the latter half of the month, they can get the original Mirror’s Edge for free, the sequel to which just recently came out. As always, both games are backwards-compatible to the Xbox One, meaning that One owners get for free games in September. For more information on all four games, check out Major Nelson’s blog.

GWG sept 16 360

Will you download September’s Games With Gold? Which are you most looking forward to?

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