Hot Lava – Gameplay Trailer and Beta Signup

Klei Entertainment has revealed their first ever 3D game in the form of a gameplay trailer and opened up sign ups for a beta test.

The game has been titled “Hot Lava” and takes the form of a first-person platformer, much like “Mirror’s Edge.” Players are taken back to their childhood imagination and a time before video games occupied their lives. As children, we had to come up with our own entertainment and ways to play. In “Hot Lava”, a favorite childhood game is reimagined…The Floor is Lava.


Players have to jump and run their way across a multitude of different levels, such as living rooms, classrooms, and even some of your deepest childhood fears. All without ever touching the floor…because it’s freaking lava.

Klei Entertainment has also opened up beta sign ups for anyone that is interested in helping test the game.

Just go to to sign up!

You can also visit the official Steam Store page to get more details, screenshots, and the system requirements for the game.

There are no announced dates for the beta or the final release of the game at this time.