Natural Disasters Coming to Cities: Skylines

If there’s something that every city-building sim needs, it’s the fear of colossal destruction looming over the player’s head. Cities: Skylines has never really had that. Until now. Winter is coming–sorry, the Natural Disasters expansion pack is coming this winter–and the only bridge out of town has been destroyed.

The upcoming add-on to Cities: Skylines will not only add natural disasters, like meteor strikes and rampaging wildfires, but will give players the tools to deal with such travesties. Early warning systems will give mayors the time they need to evacuate their citizens through emergency routes, and prepare to minimize and repair any damage done to their metropolis. Citizens can also take helping others into their own hands, spreading warnings via an emergency response broadcast system. If you don’t do things right, your citizens will end up getting out of your city safely–but only because everything’s destroyed and they don’t want to deal with a mayor as crummy as you! But hey, you’ll always have the company of the ghosts of those who thought the comet would burn up in the atmosphere and be the size of a chihuahua’s head.

CS natural disasters

In addition to the disaster elements, Natural Disasters will also be adding scenarios to Cities: Skylines. In addition to developer-made scenarios with a definite endgame (I personally say play these kinds of games ad infinitum :P), players will be able to create and save their own scenarios with time limits, customized starts, win conditions, and more.  Scenarios can then be uploaded to the Steam Workshop, where they can be enjoyed by the rest of the CS community.

Natural Disasters will be coming out later this year for PC, Linux, and Mac. We also learned just over a year ago that the game is coming to Xbox One for those that prefer to game that way. Hopefully that lands soon, and the comets stay in the sky….

Have you played Cities: Skylines, and its first expansion, Snowfall? Are you looking forward to Natural Disasters?

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