Party Hard GO Coming to iOS & Android This Year!

TinyBuild & Pinokl Games’ award-winning stealth strategy game Party Hard is coming to mobile this year in the form of Party Hard GO!

2015’s Party Hard puts the player in the shoes of an ordinary person who is tired of their neighbours throwing noisy parties at 3am and decides to shut it down… with a knife. The game features 19 levels with all kinds of environments ranging from standard house parties to a fully decked out yacht scene, with each containing a large quantity of people who don’t know what’s coming to them. Each level offers multiple ways to wreak havoc, so players can forgo their knife in areas that would expose them and cause area of effect damage by rigging electricals to explode, for example.

The aim of the game is to kill everyone at the party without being apprehended by the police, who will be called whenever a body is found or a murder is witnessed and remain for a short while after until they presume the killer has fled the scene. It’s down to the player to strategically plan out each kill and manipulate the party to their own ends. Bodies can be moved and hidden to help keep the peace or draw attention to certain areas, whilst crowds can be dispersed with the players’ terrible dancing to help get targets into more secluded areas.

Anyways, you’ll learn all that and more about this massively entertaining game if you watch the gameplay demo above, which shows the game running on iOS impressively well. The game offers both contextual touch controls and floating buttons to suit players’ individual preferences on mobile, with floating buttons demonstrated in the linked video.

Keep an ear out for more news in the near future ahead of its release later this year. If you haven’t yet checked out Party Hard, it’s currently available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC and absolutely worth your time!

Have you tried out Party Hard? Will you pick up this mobile version?

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