Stellaris – Planetoids Species Pack

The Planetoids species pack launched for Stellaris on August 4, adding fifteen new plant-based species to the 4X/grand strategy hybrid. Just like other alien species in the game, their behaviour is not set in stone. Pre-set characteristics can be used, however species’ can just as easily be randomized, or set by the player. So when you meet the guys who look like Groot, don’t think you know them…. In addition to the new species, Planetoids also adds new plant-based ship templates for both civilian and military ships.

Best of all though, is perhaps the fact that Paradox, the developers behind Stellaris, seem to be big fans of puns. They’ve been growing some about their new plantasitc species (sorry not sorry) over on the official forum post of Planetoids’ release:

We wouldn’t leaf young hanging! Here’s some plants to pine at!

This is long over dew. Here you can finally see all our new fiber based buds!
The Stellaris – Plantoid Species pack releases TOMORROW (04/08-16)!

Which will be your first pick to branch out throughout the galaxy?

Truly brilliant stuff. Planetoids is out now for $7.99, and is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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Are you a fan of Stellaris? Will you check out Planetoids, or is $8 too much for some a cosmetic DLC pack?

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