We’re about to blow your mind… Ready Up Live just turned 9!

Where has the time gone? It seems like it was just yesterday that RUL was turning 8. But alas, here we are. Another year older and another year wiser. As of today, Ready Up Live has been in existence for 9 whole years. And whether this is your first year celebrating RUL Day, your 9th time, or any number in between, we cannot begin to thank you enough for what you have helped us to create along the way.

Even though RUL has gone through some major changes over the years, there’s one thing that has always remained a constant, and that’s the wonderful, friendly, and positive community that we have created. Ready Up Live would not exist if it weren’t for all of you and words could never express how grateful we are that you chose to be a part of our journey.

To celebrate our 9 years of awesome, we will have an RUL Day game night celebration post-PAX in September. So when we return, be on the lookout for details to come on the shenanigans that will be had with your fellow RULers on Xbox.


On behalf of the entire Ready Up Live team, thank you again for the love and support. Cheers to 9 years of memories, friendships, and gaming goodness!

Happy RUL Day! <3