ClusterTruck at PAX West 2016

Are you looking for a fresh, but difficult platforming experience? Look no further than ClusterTruck! The goal is simple, get to the finish line, but don’t touch the ground or anything that isn’t a truck. Now you might think that this sounds easy, but every level has something to throw you for a loop, be it missiles raining down from above, extra narrow trucks, or boulders rolling into your trucks causing them to explode! If you let too many of the trucks ahead of you die, you’ll find that you’re not going to make it through the level, so speed is of the essence.┬áTo make the game easier modifiers are available. You’ll be able to purchase things like the ability to float (like princess peach in Super Mario Brothers 2), use a jetpack, or spawn trucks in front of you to make getting to the goal a little bit easier. Every level has been tested and can be beaten without modifiers, but in my experience of playing ClusterTruck at PAX West the modifiers are a life saver. I couldn’t tell you how often I was using float to save myself from failure.


Due to its nature of being a difficult platforming game, you’re either going to love it, or hate it, but I found myself glued to the screen until I was able to pass even the most difficult of levels. Completion of such levels was swiftly followed by a bit of over the top rejoicing.

ClusterTruck will be out on September 27, but you can pre-order it now on steam and save 20% off its release price.

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