Destiny Gets Private Matches

Two years after its launch, the much-requested feature of private PvP matches has been added to Destiny. The feature, which is live now, is part of the upcoming expansion, Rise of Iron. Although Rise of Iron does not launch until September 20, private matches are available now to all Guardians on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The feature, which launched on September 13, will allow Guardians to choose their map, their gametype, and their team, among other features. It is only available to current-gen consoles, with so-called “Legacy Consoles” no longer receiving any updates. Bungie has added safeguards against people grinding private matches for easy experience, capping out dropped gear and engrams at rare, and not giving progress towards Quests, Record Books, or Weekly Bounties. Other features however, such as Crucible Bounties, will progress with private matches.


Private matches can have any number of players, up to a maximum of six on each team. No minimum player or team count is set, meaning a lone Guardian can go into a match by themselves and check out the map. Players can also move freely between Alpha and Bravo teams at will, both in the game and before the before the match starts, during orbit. For more information, check out the help page for private matches on