Halo 5 Company Battles – September 3, 2016

Hey all! Time for some Halo 5 Company Battles. A bit late…the craziness of PAX just puts everything behind schedule. Enough of my excuses though, let’s get down to business. If you don’t know how this works, twice a month I grab the Halo 5 stats from RUL’s four Spartan Companies: Actual, Cobra, Mako, and Xeno. Then I pit them head-to-head, it’s a fun way of getting a little friendly competition going. But enough talking about it, let’s check out those stats:

03 09 16 stats

In terms of Arena, not of a heck of a lot went on since last time. Cobra dropped in both K/D and win rate, keeping the Cobra/Xeno rivalry alive. Xeno went a tiny bit down in K/D, with Mako going a tiny bit up. No rivalries there! Finally, good ol’ RUL Actual stayed flat as a pancake with 1.171 K/D in Arena. Personally, I preferred the 1.17 from a month ago. Want to go back to that in honour of our favourite Spartan, Actual? No? Bah.

03 09 16 arena kd

03 09 16 arena win

Now on to Warzone, and this is where stuff is getting good. It took twelve Company Battles, but Actual has finally been bested in something. Congrats to Mako on becoming #1 in something! It’s happening with the other two as well. Xeno is set to overtake Mako, so at the next Company Battles, we might have a new number four. Looking forward to it?

03 09 16 warzone kd

03 09 16 warzone win

So that’s RUL Company Battles PAX Prime West Edition. Are you surprised by any of the events that went down? Have said events inspired you to work harder to protect your Company’s title, or surpass a rival? Only a couple of weeks until we see what will go down next, I’m sure excited.

Did you expect this week’s events? Are you happy with them?

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