Halo Legendary Crate (Lootcrate) #1 Review

It’s a pretty safe bet that if somebody came up to you and said they’re going to give you a box of awesome mystery Halo swag every two months, you’d be pretty damned excited for that first drop, right? Well, for many, that is a reality this month with the first Halo Legendary Crate – a Loot Crate exclusively containing Halo products! There’s just one catch – unlike the fantasy example above, recipients have to pay ~$30-35 USD, which is a fair amount of money to pay for what is essentially a box of unknown items. Fear not, we’re here with a review of the contents of the first crate to give you an idea of the kind of value, quality and awesomeness you could get from future crates!


As seen above, the box itself is simple yet elegant, with a futuristic and sleek black pattern and gold lettering, it already looks awesome and it’s not even open yet!



The first thing you will be greeted with is a grey UNSC envelope, the contents of which are “EYES ONLY – TOP SECRET”. Oddly enough, this envelope and its contents are quite possibly my favourite part of this crate. Anyone will tell you I’m a total sucker for in-fiction stylised items, chief among them – documents, letters and other items, Dr Halsey’s Journal from Halo: Reach editions being a shining example.

This envelope contains a letter from Jun-A266 (NOBLE Team’s sniper in Halo: Reach and now chief of staff in the SPARTAN branch) confirming your induction into Fireteam Apollo, a notice of your new Fireteam Apollo’s change of station to UNSC Infinity, and a letter from Capt. Thomas Lasky welcoming you aboard Infinity. In addition to these documents is a very realistic x-ray of what is presumably your fictional Spartan, showing all the S-IV augmentations and enhancements you have received. The theme of this crate was Spartan-IV Induction and this envelope of official-looking documents was an awesome way to achieve that.


The next most obvious item is your new dress-down gear for your time on Infinity – a Fireteam Apollo hoodie. It’s a lightweight hoodie much like the Blue Team/Osiris hoodies on J!NX, with the Spartan-IV logo on the chest and Fireteam Apollo emblazoned down a sleeve. It’s cool, comfortable, and very official-looking.


The Halo Icons figure range is the next item we’re looking at – this is one we’ve known about for some time as it was revealed as part of the Legendary Crate’s promotional marketing. Each crate will have a figure/scene much like the one shown off in this crate, which can apparently all be linked to each other, characters mixed and matched! The style is very different from what we’ve seen in other Halo products and is rather reminiscent of the toony-style of Pop Funkos in fact. These are crate exclusives and easily one of the most fun items in the box – very excited to see future ones!


Mini Mister Chief clip-on plush toy. Nothing more to say.


An exclusive item for “founders”, this Fireteam Apollo pin shows off the snazzy logo of your new fireteam in all its metallic snazziness.


At this point, I’d have been quite happy with the value of the crate’s contents, but then they went and threw in a freaking satchel bag! It’s not enormous, but it’s certainly big enough to carry what you’d need when out and about – and looking stylish all the while. Several pockets and pouches, and easily adjusted in length and shoulder orientation, it’d make a great companion out on the show floor of game conventions…



As with other types of Loot Crate, there’s a little booklet included which features an entertaining foreword by Frank O’Connor, a bit of detail about each item, an excerpt from Halo: Fractures and more. Not to mention, a code for a REQ pack containing the exclusive Fireteam Apollo emblem!

That just about wraps it up! I’m being perfectly honest when I say I’m exceptionally happy with the contents of the first Legendary Crate, it’s packed full of awesome goodies and is incredible value for the price you pay. The next one (November) is themed around the Battle for Earth and apparently contains another Halo Icons figure and a never-before-seen shirt, and if it’s anything like this one, you don’t want to miss out!

Head here and order before October 15th at 9pm PT to get your hands on the next crate – and don’t forget to use coupon code “readyuplive” to get 10% off!

Did you get the first Legendary Crate? What’s your favourite item?

Let us know in the comments!