NECROPOLIS: Brutal Edition at PAX West 2016

During PAX West 2016, the new and improved version of NECROPOLIS was revealed. Simply titled NECROPOLIS: Brutal Edition, this updated version of the game takes direct feedback from fans and critics alike to create an even better game.


NECROPOLIS is a third-person dungeon crawler created by Harebrained Schemes and available on PC via Steam. The game’s art style is simple and minimalistic, yet beautiful. You and/or 3 of your friends play as a nameless hero that is stuck inside a magical dungeon. The dungeon changes each time you play and it will change often because you will die…often. However, each time you play, you also get more loot, level up, learn new skills, and improve your dungeon crawling knowledge along the way. The only way out, is to keep heading down, where bigger and badder enemies await you.

With this new version of the game, there is also a new playable character called the Brute (hence the title…obviously) and much more!

  • A completely new wintery outdoor biome to explore, the Black Forest
  • Over 50 additional procedural environment modules that expand existing gameplay
  • Deadly new enemies, spawning, and AI behaviors
  • New Loot! Weapons, armor sets, magic scrolls, potions, and more
  • Revised weapon and magical codex descriptions that expose more game functionality
  • A large assortment of game balance adjustments and polish in single-player and co-op modes

NECROPOLIS: Brutal Edition is available now on Steam and will be available on PS4 and Xbox One soon!

Official NECROPOLIS Website